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Cape Verde

The selected project site, Ribeira de Lago, is located in the Islands of Maio, 8 km away from the Porto Ingles.

This site is particularly exposed to coastal erosion while important from a biodiversity aspect (turtles and birds). The main activities described in the project document are the following:

  • the construction of an anti-salt dam in the Ribeira de Lagoa Estuary to retain the sediments carried out by the floods; to provoke the leaching of salts and the consequent rehabilitation of saline soils and prevent the rupture of the lagoon on the occasion of floods, therefore to diminish the possibility of entrance of sea water into the estuary zone.
  • the construction of soil and water conservation mechanical structures to reduce the speed of rain water, provoking its infiltration and recharging the ground water.
  • the plantation of species suitable to the local climate conditions over 16ha.

A strong participation of local populations was supported by a large number of sensitization activities, including one related the dengue fever. 10 ha of Prosopis have been cleared and  3 hectares of new species have been planted (2,200 “tarrafes” Tamarix canariensis, 54 coconut trees, 250 tamariniers, 20 papayers and 50 guyava trees) by the young volunteers of the project. Revenues generating activities have been developed on the site (5 parks for the goats in the 3 villages of the site, motor and navigation materials for fishermen, support to the production of goat’s cheeses). The material that will be used to build the dyke on the lagoon site has been bought but the works will star tat the end of the year, beginning of next year. Moreover, the monitoring and protection program for turtles continued (material bought, training, countings: 565 turtles came to lay between June and October and 1522 small turtles left). The report on the biodiversity of the lagoon, done by the University of Bath, is available. The school garden is now operational together with the tree nursery. A consultant has been hired for the integration of climate change into the municipality environmental plan. The main constraints are those linked with the difficulties to transport the material between Santiago and Maio and the problems linked to rainfalls.